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WHS Statutory Responsibilities for Mining Supervisors (SRMS)
(Replaces Appointed Persons Section 44 Course)

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What is SRMS Training?

This course has been developed for all supervisors who work in the mining sector in WA and replaces the Appointed Persons Section 44 Course. It gives you an understanding of your legal obligations, responsibilities and duties under the new Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations 2022.

Like the Section 44 Training, this is an introductory course that does not provide any national accreditation however it provides a thorough understanding of the obligations under the new legislation and may assist in preparing statutory supervisors for the legislation exam. If you require the two Units of Competency required under Schedule 26 for Statutory Supervisors, you will need to complete the Statutory Supervisors Training.

It is strongly recommended that candidates undertaking DMIRS examinations for the statutory roles undertake the SRMS course prior to completing the DMIRS Exam Preparation Course offered by TSA


Mine Operators and Site Senior Executives (previously known as Mine Managers) are ultimately responsible for the safety of all personnel at a mine site however they are unable to monitor all parts of the operation at the same time.  Supervisors play an essential role at mine sites by helping mine operators to fulfill their compliance obligations under WA’s work health and safety laws.

What is the cost?

The cost of the SRMS course is $209 per person (inc GST)

How long does the course go for?

The course duration is 2.5 – 3.0 hrs

What topics and activities are included?

  • The WHS legal framework
  • WHS positions and responsibilities
  • Work health and safety duties
  • Risk management
  • Workplace inspections
  • Emergency preparation
  • Incident reporting
  • Training and supervision
  • Plant and substances
  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Mines inspectors

What are the benefits of doing the course online?

The benefits of doing the WHS Statutory Responsibilities for Mining Supervisors online with TSA include:

Flexibility: Access to content 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Self Paced: Employees can work own pace and fit the training around their other commitments

Self Help: Employees are able to immediately review the content should they answer an assessment question incorrectly

Increased Capacity and Consistency: Online learning allows employers to achieve a great degree of coverage for their workforce, and ensures that the message is communicated in a consistent fashion, resulting in all learners receiving the same training.

Decreased Cost: Reduces time away from the workplace, eliminates the need for travel, and removes the need for classroom-based training.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:  Use of e-learning for training delivery, coupled with online testing and quizzing, eliminates the the need for printing out paper-based training materials and assessments, or travelling to attend face-to-face training.

What are the assessment requirements?

The assessment for this course consists of Assessment questions and activities to be completed on-course at the end of each section. There are no post course assessment requirements.

Is there any more information?

Please also review our learner agreement prior to enrolment which contains important information about your rights and obligations as well as support services. Additionally you can email us here or call us on 08 9422 6444.