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Certificate IV in Leadership and Management – BSB40520

certificate iv in frontline management

Who should do this course?

Quality leaders and managers are pivotal to the success of any organisation. The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is aimed at those with formal management responsibility for operational personnel. They will normally have existing qualifications and technical skills and assume responsibility for their own performance. In addition to this, they provide leadership and guidance to others and take responsibility for effective functioning and performance of the team and its work outcomes. Job titles relevant to this qualification include coordinator, supervisor and team leader. This course was formally known as Cert IV in Frontline Management.

How long does the course go for?

The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management Course runs for a total duration of 15 days, spread over four separate modules. There is no set timeframe for attending the modules. However, most students are comfortable undertaking the program over 6 – 12 months.

What is the cost?

The total cost for attending all of the four modules for the Cert IV in Leadership and Management Course is $3700 for BSB42015 and $3890 for BSB40520.  However, payment is made on a module-by-module basis.  You only pay for the modules you attend.

The above price is for our public workshops in our Perth office. Special rates can be negotiated for programs conducted by Training Services Australia on behalf of our clients, exclusively for their personnel.

Where are the training locations?

Our public workshops for the Cert IV in Leadership and Management are located in Perth at our training centre. We can also offer in-house client specific training overseas, throughout regional Australia as well as all capital cities including Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

When is the course available?

Public course dates are listed below. Please click on the date to enrol. In-house private training can be arranged at a time and date suitable to your business.  Please note that while the BSB42015 dates are listed below, it has been superseded by BSB40520 and must be fully completed by April 2022. New participants should be commencing with BSB40520.

BSB42015 (Superseded by BSB40520)

Leadership, Team Effectiveness & Diversity Planning Organising and Risk Management Workplace Communication & Continuous Improvement WHS for Supervisors
$1200 (5 Days) $950 (4 Days) $950 (4 Days) $600 (2 Days)
Dec 6 - Dec 9, 2021 Dec 1 - Dec 2, 2021
Jan 24 - Jan 25, 2022
Mar 9 - Mar 10, 2022
Jun 8 - Jun 9, 2022
Sep 5 - Sep 6, 2022
Dec 1 - Dec 2, 2022



Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4
 Leadership, Effective Workplace Relationships and Self-Management  Operational Planning Continuous Improvement and Presentation Skills Leadership Communication WHS for Supervisors
 $1300 (5 Days)  $995 (4 Days)  $995 (4 Days)  $600 (2 Days)
Feb 14 - Feb 18, 2022
May 16 - May 20, 2022
Aug 22 - Aug 26, 2022
Nov 21 - Nov 25, 2022
Mar 21 - Mar 24, 2022
Jun 20 - Jun 23, 2022
Oct 11 - Oct 14, 2022
Apr 26 - Apr 29, 2022
Jul 25 - Jul 28, 2022
Nov 1 - Nov 4, 2022
Dec 1 - Dec 2, 2021
Jan 24 - Jan 25, 2022
Mar 9 - Mar 10, 2022
Jun 8 - Jun 9, 2022
Sep 5 - Sep 6, 2022
Dec 1 - Dec 2, 2022

Why choose Training Services Australia?

Our course has been continually refined over the years to ensure that we are the benchmark provider of management training in Perth and throughout Australia. At TSA, we take the time to ensure learners are fully equipped to lead and develop their teams to achieve.

Are there any course pre-requisites?

No qualifications are necessary to participate in this course. However, a reasonable level of reading and writing ability is required, as well as reasonable computer skills.  To complete the assessment component of this course, you will need to be working in an organisation where you have responsibility for leading and supervising others.

Is this qualification current?

BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is the current qualification, however Training Services Australia is permitted to continue training, assessing and issuing the BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management until 19 April 2022.  Should you be unable to complete your qualification by this date, you will be required to transition to the BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.  Please contact a TSA Training Advisor if you require further information.

What are the assessment requirements?

The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is competency-based. This means that in order to attain the qualification, you need to do more than just attend the training. You also need to provide evidence that you have understood the training and applied it in the workplace. Further information on assessment requirements can be found in the outline for each course.

Assessment methods

Students are required to complete a set of assessment tasks for each module they undertake. Satisfactory completion of all assessment tasks is required before a credential can be awarded. Examples of the evidence typically requested from students as part of their assessment tasks include:

  • Answers to knowledge-based questions and questions demonstrating students’ application of the required knowledge
  • Completion of case studies
  • Descriptions by students of how they have responded to various scenarios in the workplace
  • Completion of workplace-based tasks / projects which require students to apply the relevant competencies in the workplace
  • Third party reports from students’ supervisors

Assessment timeframes

The timeframe for completing the assessment for each module is four months. That is, students have four months after attending the training for Module 1 to submit the assessment for Module 1; four months after attending the training for Module 2 to submit the assessment for Module 2, and so on.
Students are encouraged to prioritise completion of their assessments ahead of attending further training, and should space their attendance at each module so that assessments do not build up.

What units are in each module?

Packaging Rules
Total number of units = 12

5 core units plus

7 elective units, of which:

4 ‘Group A’ elective units, plus

3 units from the ‘Group A’ or ‘Group B’ elective units, plus

up to 2 units may be selected from a Certificate IV or above, from this or any other currently endorsed Training Package qualification or accredited course. (Imported) For a detailed description of the packaging rules, please click here

Units Selected for delivery

Training Services Australia has selected the following units for delivery as part of its Public Program.


BSBLDR411 – Demonstrate leadership in the workplace (Core unit)
BSBPEF402 – Develop personal work priorities (Group A elective unit)
BSBLDR413 – Lead effective workplace relationships (Core)
BSBXTW401 – Lead and facilitate a team (Core)
BSBLDR414 – Lead team effectiveness (Group A elective unit)


BSBOPS402 – Coordinate business operational plans (Core)
BSBSTR402 – Implement continuous improvement (Imported)
BSBCMM411 – Make presentations (Imported)


BSBXCM401 – Apply communication strategies in the workplace (Core)
BSBLDR412 – Communicate effectively as a workplace leader (Group A elective unit)
BSBCMM412 – Lead difficult conversations (Group A elective unit)


BSBWHS411 – Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs (Group A elective unit)

Is there any more information?

Yes! Click here for a full qualification outline. Please also review our learner agreement prior to enrolment which contains important information about your rights and obligations as well as support services. Additionally you can email us here or call us on 08 9422-6444