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To be eligible for appointment to various statutory positions in the Western Australian mining industry, a person must pass the applicable examination on mining health and safety laws, including: 

  • The Work Health and Safety Act (WA) 2020 
  • The Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations (WA) 2022 

Examinations are administered by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) and are run at approved examination centres.  They are computer-based and contain a variety of question types such as true / false, multiple choice and fill-in-the blanks. 

Course Aim:

The aim of the course is to prepare people to undertake the WA Mining Safety Legislation Examination. 

Course Pre-requisites:

Required pre-requisite: Nil 

Recommended pre-requisite: It is strongly recommended that candidates complete TSA’s WHS Statutory Responsibilities for Mining Supervisors  (SRMS)’ course prior to undertaking exam prep.

What is the cost?

The cost of the DMIRS Exam Preparation course is $385 per person (inc GST)

How long does the course go for?

This course does not have a set duration and does not need to be completed in one sitting.   

As a rough guide, it is recommended that participants spend 20 hours using this course to prepare for the exam. Those who are unfamiliar with the Act and Regulations, and do not have much experience sitting exams, along with those who struggle with reading, should expect to spend a little longer than 20 hours. 

Enrolment in this course provides access for a period of 3 months.  Extensions to this timeframe can be arranged by contacting Training Services Australia

Positions required to sit the Statutory Exams:

Site Senior Executive
Exploration Manager
Statutory Supervisor
Underground Manager (non-coal)
Underground Supervisor (non-coal)
Quarry Manager
Radiation Safety Officer (NORM)
Noise Officer
Mine Air Quality Officer
Underground Ventilation Officer
Underground Manager (coal)
Mine Surveyor G1
Mine Surveyor G2
Underground Supervisor (coal)
Electrical Supervisor

What topics and activities are included?

The course contains the following sections: 

  • Background information about the WA Mining WHS Legislation Exam 
  • Overview of the structure and content of the WHS Act and the WHS (Mines) Regulations 
  • Activities to build familiarity with content and structure of the Act and Regulations 
  • Overview of different question types in the exam and tips for answering the questions 
  • WHS Act practice questions 
  • WHS (Mines) Regulations practice questions 
  • WHS Act and WHS (Mines) Regulations combined practice questions 
  • Practice examination (timed) 

The course contains over 500 practice questions, which are similar to those you can expect to experience in the official examination. 

Course functionality:

Participants are able to move forwards and backwards between different parts of the course as they wish and are free to repeat sections of the course as many times as they need. 

The benefits of doing the WHS Statutory Responsibilities for Mining Supervisors online with TSA include:

Flexibility: Access to content 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Self Paced: Employees can work own pace and fit the training around their other commitments

Self Help: Employees are able to immediately review the content should they answer an assessment question incorrectly

Increased Capacity and Consistency: Online learning allows employers to achieve a great degree of coverage for their workforce, and ensures that the message is communicated in a consistent fashion, resulting in all learners receiving the same training.

Decreased Cost: Reduces time away from the workplace, eliminates the need for travel, and removes the need for classroom-based training.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:  Use of e-learning for training delivery, coupled with online testing and quizzing, eliminates the the need for printing out paper-based training materials and assessments, or travelling to attend face-to-face training.


There is no “pass or fail”, consequently no formal certification is issued to those who undertake the course. 


For more information of to enrol, please contact us on 08 9422-6444 and ask to speak to a training advisor or send us an email via our contact page