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Design and Deliver Training

design and deliver trainingWho should do this training?

This workshop caters for the needs of those for whom training in the workplace is a large part of their job, or is their full job function within a structured training and assessment system. These people would generally be working with nationally endorsed Training Packages and would hold considerable responsibility for training and development of personnel within the vocational education and training (VET) system.  This course forms part of the Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

How long does the course go for?

The workshop duration is 5 days.  Before submitting their assessment, participants are also expected to attend an assessment support day so that a TSA facilitator can review their progress.

What is the cost?

$1300 per person.
This price is for public workshops delivered in our Perth training centre. Special rates can be negotiated with clients for group-based programs delivered exclusively for their personnel.

Where are the training locations?

Our public workshops are located in Perth at our training centre. In-house private training can be arranged at a time and date suitable to your business.

When is the course available?

Public course dates are listed below. Please click on the date to enrol.

Are there any course pre-requisites?

No qualifications or previous experience in training and assessment are necessary to participate in this workshop. However, a relatively high level of reading and writing ability is required, as well as computer skills (internet research and word processing).

Those wishing to participate in this course should first complete TSA’s TAE Literacy Skills Check.  For further information about this, please contact a TSA Training Advisor.

Which unit(s) are covered?

TAEDES401 – Design and develop learning programs

TAEDEL401 – Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning

BSBCMM411 – Make presentations

These units contribute to the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

What topics and activities are included?


  • Course introduction and overview
  • An Introduction to Competency based Training (CBT)
  • Theories, styles and principles of learning
  • Training modes and methods
  • Foster an inclusive learning environment


  • Develop Learning Outcomes
  • Design and develop learning programs


  • Design and develop learning programs (continued from Day 2)
  • Ensure a safe learning environment
  • Plan training sessions and presentations


  • Prepare for training delivery
  • Communication skills for trainers
  • Facilitate training sessions
  • Record keeping and training review


  • On-course assessment (training session delivery)
  • Course review and conclusion
  • Commence work on post-course assessment activities (if time)

Is there any pre-course work?

It is recommended that prior to the course, participants:

  • Source a nationally endorsed unit of competency for which they could design a training program and bring a copy of the unit to the course.
  • Give thought to a topic for a 30 minute training session that they will be required to deliver to a group of other participants on the final day of the course. Participants should also make arrangements to ensure the necessary resources are available to deliver their session to approximately 7 people.

Note: Further details about requirements of the training session will be provided to participants at the start of the course or can be obtained by contacting Training Services Australia before the start of the course.
Those who have not attended Training Services Australia’s Introduction to VET course should complete the module on ‘Introduction to Training packages‘ before attending this course.

What about homework and assessment requirements?

Participants may find it necessary to complete some work at home after the first day of the course, in preparation for the following day.

The assessment for this course consists of the following:

  • Short answer questions and case study
  • Design and develop 2 learning programs – at least one must be based on a unit of competency
  • Plan, organise and deliver a training session to a group (on-course)
    • Demonstrate group-based delivery and presentation skills, approximately 30 minutes duration
  • Plan, organise and deliver 3 group-based training sessions in the workplace
    • Sessions must be ‘linked’ (i.e., the second one follows from the first)
    • At least 40 – 60 minutes for each session
    • Demonstrate group-based delivery (at least 8 learners) and effective presentation skills
  • Short answer questions (post-course)

Resource requirements

To complete the assessment for this course, you will need to have access to a group of at least 8 people to whom you can deliver 3 training sessions (each at least 40 minutes duration).  You will also need access to equipment to video your training delivery (a smartphone may be used) and a USB memory stick to submit your training video to TSA.

Additional information

Click here for more detailed information about this course. Please also review our learner agreement prior to enrolment which contains important information about your rights and obligations as well as support services. For further information we invite you to  email us here or call us on 08 9422 6444